Summer day-camp of Young explorer

Summer day-camp of Young explorer of the nature for elementary school children 5-11 years - only for English speaking children


The camp is set in the area of garden Šárynka, where a children’s club for preschool kids, inspired by forest kindergartens, takes place.
There are two yurts – old one Under the Black berries tree and the new one Under the Spruce.
And in the are around the yurt Under the Spruce the camp will happen. The yurt has diameter 8 meters and there is enough space for children to relax in the hot summer afternoons.

Qualfied and proven instructors will take care of your children’s well spent free time.

Topic of this season:  A treesome life

Imagine being totally tiny person, smaller than mouse, even smaller than ladybug. And imagine, that your only well-known life happens on the tree. One day you discover, that the tree hides powerful treasure, which makes the tree alive - presicious golden resin. What would you do? Would you use the resin for your own or would you take care of the tree and try to beahve, so the tree could still stay alive?

And what if there is not only one life on the tree? What if there exist some interesting life outside the tree? Some playful people with a great knowledge of the nature?

Than we can learn, what the tree and the nature needs for live and as a retreat, what they can give us and how we can use the gift, but not misuse.

Lets enjoy the adventure of the life on the tree, based on the story of Tobias Lollness, book from Timotheé de Fombelle.

Ekodomov, z.s.

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